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Free Mind Diet Journaling Lesson
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"The happiness of your life is in direct proportion to the character of your thoughts," says Steve Jaffe, author of the Mind Diet Journaling Series Books. "Journaling is the one form of expression that gives you permission to talk to yourself and allows you to become your own motivational coach. People change when they find themselves, and self-examination is the key to the search. Journaling is a tried and proven method to the true understanding of self which in turn helps the heart and mind find joy no matter what problems or situations we face.

For some, journaling has been nothing more than a way to record daily activities. For others, it has been a way to remember past problems. The Mind Diet Journaling Technique introduced in this lesson takes journaling to a new level, putting you in control of your life and any problems that may pop up on a daily basis.

In all of the Mind Diet Journaling Series Books you will find techniques to deal with relationships, career, marriage, stress, coping, life-threatening illnesses, and even a way to sculpt a new you. After you have completed this sample lesson, visit and find the right book for you.

The Mind Diet Journaling Technique acts as a firewall to block those confusing thoughts that create barriers, helping you create strategies and techniques to allow you to deal with these thoughts so you can move forward with your life.

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