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Posted May 19, 2003 by minddiet

A Mind Diet Group, Inc. Apology!!!!! May 19, 2003

On Friday you received at the minimum 5 emails and up to 10 emails on the same announcement. Words cannot express how sorry I am that this horrible inconvenience happened to all of my friends and subscribers.

I cannot explain what happened, nevertheless, be assured it will not happen again. I have removed all the duplicate email addresses that were on my list. If anyone wants to be permanently removed from this list, please return this email and say unsubscribe.

Again, accept my apologies and have a Mind Diet of a day.

Steve Jaffe

P.S. Some of you were put on this list at the request of my wife Nancy Jaffe.
The Mind Diet Newsletter, February, 2003
Posted February 4, 2003 by minddiet

The Mind Diet Series Volume 2, # 2 - January 20, 2003

Valentine’s Day is only 10 days away!

While a beautiful gift is always a welcomed thought for Valentine’s Day, why not give the ultimate gift, the one that will last all year long: Words that come from your heart.

Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long
$12.95 - ISBN # 0-9720605-2-9

This book is for anyone wanting to learn to be romantic. If you want to experience exciting new levels of love for your relationship, this is the book for you. What better way to show your love than with words that come straight from you heart? Inside Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long you will:

1. Learn “The Art of Verbal Foreplay”.
2. Remove the stigma of being romantically impaired.
3. Ignite your imagination.
4. Awaken your sleeping giant of romance.
5. Keep the flames of passion burning.

For information about our new book, Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long, ($12.95), please visit:


The art of verbal foreplay, while some of you might interpret it in a sexual nature, is the ability to arouse your girlfriend/boyfriend, lover, or spouse with the honest loving words that come from your heart. It is essential in any relationship and can mean the difference between a stagnant relationship and a steaming romance.

The techniques in Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long will take any relationship back to that initial beginning when passion was the driving force that bonded the two lovers. How much would you pay to have Valentine’s Day in your life every day? Is $12.95 a fair price? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving your relationship the gift of Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long. This beautiful, yet powerful book has already changed thousands of people in love already and it can happen for you.

The best love making comes about when two people are communicating with honesty and understanding. Practicing the techniques in Beyond Valentine’s Day will awaken a sleeping romantic giant that has been lying dormant. Verbal intimacy is what drives a healthy and strong relationship.

Most couples love each other, however they usually cannot find the right time to express and show it in today’s hectic society with all of its demands. It is vitally important to be romantically inventive, not sexually inventive (that comes after the verbal foreplay), to keep a relationship from slipping into what I call “relationship complacency”, those moments when you are together and nothing exciting happens.

Inside the book, Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long you will practice your verbal foreplay by writing and reading “Rhythm Poetry”. You will lean to write about your feelings for the person you love without holding back.

Whether you are just starting a new relationship or have been in one for many years, there is no excuse for not making an effort to express your love 110% every day. The Mind Diet Program guides you and coaches you on how to express yourself honestly and romantically.

Order now and have Beyond Valentine’s Day, Making Love All Year Long part of this year’s Valentine’s Day planning. This book can be purchased at: or any retail book store (if your book store retailer is out stock it can be ordered by using the ISBN number 0-9720605-2-9).


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Steve Jaffe will be signing his new book:
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