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Recent Interviews
Posted December 11, 2002 by minddiet

Recent Interviews
Author Steve Jaffe
The Mind Diet Series Books

Fox 6 News The Morning Show 9-13-02
Channel 12, Yonkers, Morning Show 9-25-02

NNEY-FM Everything Goes. Brooklyn, N.Y. Sept. 25, 2002
WKCT-AM Bowling Green Ky. Oct. 15, 2002
WMBM Community Time Out, Miami Beach, FL. Oct. 17, 2002
Coast Health AM, Gulfport MS. Oct. 18, 2002
MIXX MAGAZINE KEFM-FM, Omaha, NE. Oct. 21, 2002
Coping Conversations, WLUX-AM, Hicksville, N.Y. Dr. Robert H. Phillips, Ph.D. Nov. 21, 2002.
Human Cash Register KUOW-FM, Jeff Olweean, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dec. 3, 2002
CHRW-CFM Science Girl Ontario, Canada, Melanie Browne (host)
KUT News, Austin, Texas Host: Amy Brand December 23, 2002


Broward News- South, Margate, FL Oct. 3, 2002
Desert News, Salt Lake City, UT Oct. 4, 2002
Times-Herald, Washington, IN Oct 7, 2002
The Metro Herald, Washington, D.C.
North County Times, San Diego, Ca. Oct. 20, 2002