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The Mind Diet Series Books: Improving Your Health Throught Written Expression
Journaling can contribute to healing. If you have difficulties verbalizing emotions and ideas, then writing is a powerful alternative. Using a journal is a medically proven method of allowing a person to reclaim their lives with meaning and inspiration. "Self-talk" writing has proven to be a positive vehicle for people to express a hidden truth that lies deep within their hearts.

The Mind Diet Journaling Program combines both of these forms of expression in our "self-talk" writing technique. While we recommend utilizing our exercises, it is not mandatory for our program to work. Learning to "self-talk" journal will ignite your creative juices that will open wonderful doors of opportunities you.

The Mind Diet Journaling Series Books have journaling tools and techniques that are easy to follow and simple to initiate.  You will begin to see improvement immediately, as you read the inspiring rhythm poems of author Steve Jaffe, as he guides you to open up and write about your stirred up feelings. His poetry will put you in a place that can begin to improve your life today.  


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