Discover How Poetry Therapy Reduces Stress

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About The Author

Steve Jaffe, author, lecturer and life-style coach, has his Master's degree in Natural Health and is presently completing his doctorate in the same field. A survivor of stress-related heart disease, he is living proof that stress can be re-defined and illness can be reversed. He has been interviewed on over seventy-five radio and television stations around the United States and Canada and has published an article in Great Britain, Poetry for Health and Healing. He has written Re-Defining Stress To Prevent DiseaseCount Your Life With Smiles, Not Tears; Healing From Within, Emotionally Surviving Cancer; A Recipe for Healing, Coming Together as a Team; and Beyond Valentine's Day, Making Love All Year Long, (which gained him the title from the Oakland Press as the Most Romantic Man in the World).

Jaffe says, "Learning to understand stress and how conscious and unconscious stress affected my body was my first step in controlling my heart disease. Using my technique of "Self-Talk Poetry" has opened many positive new doors for me, which includes my passion of being a novelist. Once I learned to make stress my friend, I was able to pursue with enthusiasm and joy all the things that stress had once prevented me from accomplishing."

Since writing his first five books in his Mind Diet Series and five novels, Steve Jaffe has discovered through his research that most people do not know how to live with stress. He believes this lack of understanding causes the immune system to attack the body's organs, which in turn creates disease and illness at staggering rates.

In his fifth book in The Mind Diet Series, Re-Defining Stress to Prevent Disease, he examines the causes of stress and how thoughts, perceptions and learned experiences contribute to disease and illness. He lives with his wife Nancy and two cats, Buster and Romeo, in Palm Desert, California and can be contacted at his website: