Discover How Poetry Therapy Reduces Stress

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Steve Jaffe, author, lecturer and life-style coach, discovered during his research that most people do not know how to live with stress. He believes this lack of understanding causes the immune system to attack the body’s organs, which in turn creates disease and illness at staggering rates. 70% to 90% of all doctor visits are stress related and 80% of most diseases have a direct link to stress.

The fifth book in The Mind Diet Series, Re-Defining Stress to Prevent Disease, examines the causes of stress and how thoughts, perceptions and learned experiences contribute to disease and illness. Re-Defining Stress to Prevent Disease will explore many alternatives for reducing stress, as well as the Mind Diet method you can use to reduce stress with simple and easy ways of preventing and/or reversing emotional and physical illnesses.

Stress cannot be eliminated; however, it can be looked at differently, re-defined, to teach the brain how to handle a stressful event. When a person reacts positively to stress, this reaction can set in motion a series of immune system defenses that can actually prevent illness and disease from entering the body. This perception change can improve one’s health before an illness manifests, or can help one recover from an existing serious illness.


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