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"This book has allowed me an opportunity to go deep within myself for answers. To get 'real,' and to take time to reevaluate my life, while taking some brave steps in new directions. I have made some important decisions about what is meaningful and how to pursue it."

Carla Porter,

"For the first time in my life I was able to confront my demons that had kept me in a negative place. Count Your Life With Smiles, Not Tears gave me the courage and strength to break down the barriers that had kept me from being the person I wanted to be."

Alice Freeman,
Los Angeles,CA

"The Mind Diet Series is like a friend who understands, supports, and nourishes the spirit of those with cancer and their loved ones. In my experience with cancer patients, I have seen the journey that one goes through when diagnosed with this horrible disease. The Mind Diet Journaling Program helps make sense of the cancer experience and provides a road map for patients and their loved ones to reclaim their lives with meaning, hope, and inspiration."

Wendi Vierra,

"Healing from Within: Emotionally Surviving Cancer is an excellent tool for the recovery from a cancer diagnosis and treatment. For cancer survivors and their families, physical mending is only part of recovery; healing the mind and sprit can be the most challenging aspect, and is often the least understood phase of all. Through the Mind Diet Experience Program, participants will use writing, a therapeutically recognized tool, to focus thoughts, relieve stress and provide a vehicle for creativity, amidst the trauma of a life-threatening illness."

Lynne Frimond, Executive Director,

"The format of Mind Diet Journaling Program with poems and the space for personal thoughts as one reads the poetry, makes the task of journaling or expressing your feelings easier to attempt as the author has provided a format with the only guidelines being that of listening to your own heart and expressing what is there. The author provides a venue in which to express one's thoughts without there being any judgment, criticism or pity in a format that is "safe" and personal; a format that ultimately clears the path to balance and recovery"

Linda Dreyfus,
Cancer survivor,CA

"Thank you very much for the kind note and sharing your wonderful book, Healing From Within, Emotionally Surviving Cancer it was very moving. I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to know that I have the support of such good colleagues and friends."

Ann M. Veenman,
The Secretary of Agriculture,CA

"I had always felt uncomfortable on dates and in most of my romantic relationships. I never knew how to communicate the loving feelings I had inside. Beyond Valentine\'s Day has taught me how to be romantic with my words. I am now in a new relationship of two months and I believe this might be the one. Thank you, Steve Jaffe"

Elliott Gibson,
New York City,NY

"We have taken our marriage for granted while working very hard in our careers and raising three children. We knew we loved each other, but had not been giving our relationship the private time it needed to express our feelings. Beyond Valentine\'s Day inspired us to find the time in our hectic lives to express our love as we had once done when we first started dating, This book has taught us that there is time for romantic and loving words. "

Sally and Alex Jacobs,
Seattle ,WA